Autoblow AI Review: Experience Sexual Intelligence On An Entirely New Level

Now this is a toy that a whole lot of people are likely to get on board with…who wouldn’t? The Autoblow A.I. is at the top of the list for top VR porn sex toys. This product is the result of research over several years, as well analyzing almost 1,000 hours of videos, studying the real-life movements of an actual blowjob.

The goal of this extensive research and studying was to create the best machine to give the most realistic blowjobs. A unique feature of the toy is the different settings. The Autoblow A.I. has 10 different experiences and 10 different speeds for each experience. What’s better? You can even ‘pause’ your oral pleasure with the edge button!

Improvements Were Made

The original Autoblow 2, that was crowdfunded 4 years ago on IndieGoGo, was welcomed into the homes (and hands) of over 3,300 men. This was $381,000 worth of product! The Autoblow 2 has since gained popularity and made it into the hands of more than 200,000 men around the world. It is, by far, the most successful crowdfunding campaign for a male sex toy.

The company actually listened to the feedback from users to create an even better sex toy for men.

Quieter – An original complaint was that the Autoblow 2 was noisy. They listened and lessened the noise of the Autoblow AI by 50%. It’s also 3 times more powerful than the 2nd generation with a new motor, gripper and sleeve. The toy comes with a silicone mouth sleeve that was added to make the blowjob feel more realistic. Between the two ridges, a penis gripper sits in the sleeves. Just don’t forget the lubricant! The sleeve moves over the penis in an up and down motion, creating the friction required for satisfaction.

Four Senses & A Mini Computer – The toy has 4 sensors and combined with a mini computer integrated into the toy, the penis gripper can match any of the 250 points that make it an ideal pleasuring device. They had a team of experts analyze adult videos (around 6,000 minutes total) and then created a way to take the data of what they saw (actual blowjobs) and simulate it so that it was similar to a real-life blowjob.

16 Blowjob Techniques – Using innovative AI technology, the experts used algorithms of the data they analyzed to build a model that could execute different techniques. These techniques were then programmed into 10 different virtual reality experiences for users to enjoy receiving a blowjob at any time; no mouth required.

10 Speeds – Like your blowjob fast? Or maybe slow? Or maybe both, in between, etc. With the Autoblow AI users can control the speed easily and won’t get bored with just one general speed. There is also a mode that allows the user to let the machine choose the technique and it changes throughout the experience from start to finish.

One Size Fits All

No need to worry about a snug fit with the Autoblow AI. The sleeve provided and the penis gripper were created in a way that fits all penis sizes. You’ll be sure to enjoy the wonderful fit with every stroke. The sleeve has ridges that are on top and below the carriage. Lubrication will be required prior to sliding your penis into the machine. The machine then activates the gripper action, which is an up and down motion, creating friction that resembles the real thing.

You can then use the + and – buttons to change techniques and speed to your desired settings. Regardless if your penis is short or long or in between, the variety of stroking techniques ensures that all penises will receive serious pleasure. The girth of your penis is also not an issue!

Satisfying Climax Every Time

The Autoblow AI comes with a feature that sets it apart from the other male sex toys. This blowjob machine has a climax control button. How does it work? Once you’re enjoying the technique and speed, and wish to climax sooner rather than later, you simply hit the button. The machine remembers the technique and speed, so should you decide to prolong your climax, just hit the button again and it will resume where it was before you initiated the climax feature.

Easy Cleanup

Cleaning up is typically one of the trickier parts but with the Autoblow AI it’s much easier. When you’re done with the toy, simply pull the sleeve out, empty it, then wash the sleeve with soapy water. Let it dry, then replace, and you’re good to go again!

Take It With You

For those who enjoy a good time, no matter where they are, you’ll want to be sure the Autoblow AI is in your luggage. You can charge it from any wall outlet

Once you try the Autoblow AI you’ll likely stop looking for a way to get a blowjob that resembles the actual thing because this machine will outperform your expectations, every single time.

Cryptocurrency & Porn

Porn. Not everyone likes the word but it’s an awfully popular thing regarding the internet right now, still nobody wants to really talk about. What about cryptocurrency? Heard of that word? If not it might be time to do some research. And if you like porn, you’re going to love what comes next in this article.


Discreet Porn Viewing via Cryptocurrency


If you have ever paid for x-rated material you’ve likely seen it come up on your bank or credit card statement. Many people sure enjoy watching porn but don’t always enjoy it being so obvious on paper. Now you can say goodbye to the shame and hello to discreet porn content purchases.


Verge (XVG) is a cryptocurrency that currently holds a value of 680 million USD. This cryptocurrency recently partnered with Pornhub and is now among the payment options for paid subscriptions on the Pornhub site. It’s easy, quick, anonymous, private and most importantly, shameless. Gone are the days of worrying about hiding your credit card statement from prying eyes so they don’t see your x-rated content subscriptions.


More About This Pairing


If you’ve never visited Pornhub – where have you been?! This site is the 17th largest in the United States and 33rd in the entire world. Even eBay, Linkedin and Bing wish they could bring in as much traffic as Pornhub. It’s no doubt that Pornhub has the reliable traffic and loyal followers that would benefit any partner; including Verge.


Anonymity and privacy are Verge’s core values so it’s able to ensure a reliable payment gateway without the personal worry of your purchase being tracked. All original IP addresses are masked by the algorithms put in place by Verge. So you could enjoy all the porn content you want without every worrying about someone seeing it on your personal financial records.


The Porn Industry & Innovative Technology


This wouldn’t be the first time that the porn industry has driven innovation, although you won’t read about it in the newspapers. The majority of searches for virtual reality is porn; this beats the top searches for all things VR related including games, apps, and videos.


A person might first enter the general virtual reality ecosystem before becoming an avid consumer of VR devices and content. People want to ‘test the water’ before jumping in, so to speak. is getting a lot of good feedback and they’re on top of what consumers want; and don’t want.


VR porn is finally finding a spot on the massive web because it’s the only real ‘open’ platform. The only platform you can find a variety of content without needing additional hardware or software. You can visit the top-end headset app stores, like for the SteamVR and Oculus, but you won’t find any adult content. You’ll find everything else but. In terms of virtual reality websites, has now taken the lead from




When we combine a powerful and emerging technology, such as virtual reality, and combine it with the newly emerged, but very well-known cryptocurrency, the result is a powerful and sophisticated gateway for consumers to get what they want.  So regardless of the headset you have, if you’re looking for a discreet way to buy and watch porn, head over to




Something many people may never have thought could happen is already happening.

Using a goal of improving its adult entertainment, CamSoda has a brand new merchandise, OhRoma that uses smells to further enhance the users experience.

Back in August Ubisoft built a merchandise with the intention of promoting South Park: The Fractured But Whole that modeled the odor of flatulence. The merchandise was called Nosulus Rift and was never intended to be sold to the general public. But, the promotional merchandise definitely worked.
It holds two canisters attached to your device. The canisters carry three slots each where you can place scent cartridges. This enables an individual to choose the odors they favor and swap them out as they like or determined by the individual encounter. So far CamSoda has crafted more than 30 scent canisters with some odors simulating aphrodisiacs, agreeable environments and even body odor.
The unit has already been readily available for purchase at $70 and also the odor packs begin as low as $6 each. A combo pack can also be readily available for purchase where it’s possible to buy the OhRama mask which comes with a complete set of the 30 smells theyve developed to get a total of $99.
Youll probably wish to download the cellular program that functions with all the OhRoma mask and helps you easily choose which scent you would like to smell. The OhRoma even offers the capability to sync with Teledildonics, another product developed by CamSoda that established last year. Teledildonics offers a method for visitors to enjoy sex without being in direct contact. Add the OhRoma to your Teledildonics and like a whole virtual encounter where virtually all of your senses is likely to be aroused.

Our Children Could Have Porn Stars as Sex Education Teachers

Something many people would never see coming….porn stars teaching our children about sex. However, this could actually be beneficial in some ways, depending on how you look at it. Many people already blame porn as the culprit for many boys developing distorted views of sex at a young age.

Now, our boys could learn how to treat their partner correctly, developing and improving their lovemaking skills. What’s the twist? They will be taught about sex using VR (virtual reality). BaDoink, a Barcelona-based company, has created the world’s first VR sex education and therapy experience called Virtual Sexology.

So what is the purpose or goal of creating such a program? The goal (or aim) of the experience is to promote healthy relationships, enhance the pleasure of the experience and to assist with treating sexual disorders. Right now the majority of users are adult males simply looking to enhance their own bedroom skills.

However, eventually it could find its way into schools, of course in a different form than what is used right now and for adult men. Xavi Clos, BaDoinkVR’s head of production believes everyone, in time, will likely experience porn, as well as sex education, in a different way because of this new platform.

While you might still be in shock, this could put your mind at ease. Clos spoke with Daily Star Online and mentioned that it’s understandable that as the platform is right at this moment, that schools would be unwillingly to consider it in any way; even if it’s proven to be highly effective.

VR and VR porn are still advancing and is increasing regarding becoming mainstream. This will allow for unforeseen but undoubted opportunities in the future.

Virtual Sexology is displayed in 360-degree videos and the starring role is played by August Ames, an award-winning porn star. She instructs viewers how to perform better while having sex. So what’s included? Everything you might possibly think of – ejaculation control, keeping your erection, and more. The most common sexual problems that men struggle with today are covered with a hands-on approach by August Ames.

The user will be in the body of someone else while looking through their VR goggles. The platform will also be compatible with male sex toys, also known as ‘haptics’ to further enhance the sensations of the experience.

The clips right now might seem more intimate than one might presume they would be. It’s a very realistic and immersive experience, according to Clos. This doesn’t mean you should run out and buy the program if you’re suffering from sexual disorders, looking to completely eliminate all of your bedroom woes. They have yet to have solid proof or information regarding how effective they’ll be for sexual disorders, but in time this could help more men facing these difficulties.

Where to Get Virtual Sexology

Right now the program, ‘sex edutainment’ is available for a variety of VR headsets and compatible with smartphones, certain PCs, and the PS4.

Of course, with anything new, you’re going to have critics. Right now the critics of this program claim that the audience focus is too narrow. The actress is simply helping men enhance their bedroom skills and that’s it.

However, BaDoink believes that right now this could be the starting point of helping men in all areas of the bedroom, including how to be better lovers in general. It’s only a matter of time.