VR Porn gets more lifelike thanks to Oculus and Gear VR


Virtual Reality, or just VR is finally here. The Oculus Rift headsets are place to capture the marketplace in early 2016 and Samsung Gear VR is able to reach the markets also. And, when they’re prepared for retail, porn is going to function as first to capture the ability. When it can, there is no going back.

Till now, the focus of VR was on video games but now it appears like adult entertainment is another breakthrough. A number of businesses have rolled out programs for VR porn.

VR porn manufacturers eager to catch the chance

There are numerous porn-based startups mushrooming throughout the planet.

With VR, filming techniques are set to revolutionise the way in which people all over the world have porn.

In August 2014, adult movie streaming service provider SugarDVD possessed by Oddesse declared they are working with Oculus to create their adult movies exceptionally interactive and in 3D format.

Additionally it is stated that in the long run, users will have the ability to experience 360-degree immersive virtual porn, right from their PS4 and Xbox gaming console.


Many adult entertainment businesses have begun offering dubbed VR porn. VRGirlz provides a totally free dome dubbed Lucid Dreams II. Also to see it, one needs Oculus Rift DK2 or other supported headsets.

The future
In case you have problems with vertigo when you move out of an airplane in virtual reality, consider the physical effects you must cope with when you view porn in VR.

Using the headset on, one will feel like they’re really on the sets. It’s possible to turn their heads 180 degrees to receive the best view of the activity.

It’s clear the pictures will not be flat or two dimensional. Let me tell you, users will probably be totally engrossed in the encounter.

According to Virtual Reality Reporter, “Adult entertainment websites are once again poised to be business innovation leaders on earth of virtual reality. The initial mature virtual reality names started showing up in September of 2014. At that time the hardware allowed for the content to provide a 120-degree viewing spectrum and 25 frames per second video quality. Those early videos clocked in at a mean of 3-4 minutes long, and while they’re not that remarkable by the current standards, they helped create the foundation for what’s fast grown to the near future of mature content.”

The year 2015 continues to be a turning point for virtual reality. It saw a huge upsurge in VR products as well as their technological progress. There were business-wide hardware upgrades which made room for producers to increase the grade of videos. In under a year, VR content soared from 180 degrees to 360 degrees screening spectrum, having a brilliant 60 frames per second video quality.

Based on, the planet ‘s biggest VR porn site, there are now 13 different studios actively developing mature VR content with about 160 scenes accessible the industry. What started off as straightforward, short videos have now become more films which are often 30 minutes in length with better storylines and increased action. Studios haven’t only focused on technology, nevertheless also they are working hard to create the general experience more immersive.

The very first firms to release VR porn titles like Naughty America, Badoink VR, and Virtual Real Porn have an obvious edge over others. Others, who’ve just started, are playing catch up.

In case you are still wondering where VR will take us in the long run, recall Albert Einstein’s words – “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”