The Pros of AR Porn

If you are a fan of the adult entertainment industry then you have probably given some thought to augmented reality technology and AR porn. This new technology will be able to change every aspect of our sex lives, should it be successful. The way that people have sex, engage in relationships, and even watch videos will be transformed. Soon the adult industry will be revamped and better than ever.

ar porn

Sexual Fantasies Could Be More of a Reality

Technology has now gotten to the point that a virtual avatar can recognize the furniture in your house and even interact with them, such as laying down onto your bed. This is going to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry. Being able to switch your sexual partner on and off with just a button will be a satisfying aspect for a lot of people. Augmented reality has a more realistic experience and so much more to offer.

AR Gets Closer to Reality

Virtual reality totally changed the adult entertainment industry, for the better, but augmented reality has perfected what virtual reality lacked. The difference between augmented and virtual reality is that the reality is not being changed. Meaning that when the user looks down they will see their own body rather than that of someone else’s. This makes the experience so much more immersive in order for users to enjoy the technology at its best. The best part of augmented reality is the fact that it can be enjoyed from the privacy of your own home.

An Ideal Alternative for a User-Friendly Experience

Since the actual reality, such as location, is not being changed the user has full freedom while enjoying their augmented reality experience. Moving around and interacting such as switching from laying on a bed to sitting in a chair is now easy to do and does not end up being a hassle (like it may with VR) with the scene having to end in order to change locations. The fact that augmented reality keeps you in your own reality and just adds a sexual partner gets rid of all of the cons that come with virtual reality.