Playstation VR Users Can Now Enjoy Compatible Videos from Pornhub

The majority of people who enjoyed watching porn used to need a VCR and a TV. Nowadays you’ll easily find pornographic material on DVD and on the Internet. Smartphones have made it even easier for users to find and access readily available adult content which could be seen as a good and a bad thing.


The latest preferred method for enjoying some porn seems to be the 360-degree videos offered by Pornhub. Virtual reality has made an emergence and now users who have the Sony Playstation VR can enjoy VR porn by visiting Pornhub.

The website has officially designated a category for VR porn and they’ve revealed to Gamebeats that their videos are now compatible for users with the PSVR head-mounted display. Of course, VR porn is relatively new and so nothing is perfect at this time. There are still tweaks and changes that will need to be done to provide a smooth viewing experience for VR users.

The Vice President of Pornhub, Corey Price, says they are encouraging Sony to adopt the WebVR standard into their browser. This will allow users to stream VR content on their website more seamlessly. Once users can access the videos and have a pleasant viewing experience the views of this category on the website will definitely increase.

Making it so that users can easily access VR porn from their Playstation will definitely maximize the profits of companies offering this personal virtual reality experience. Of course, should Sony decide not to support pornographic material then companies will find a way to make it more accessible to their users via a different means. Pornhub is definitely ready to provide the material Playstation VR users want, should Sony decide to allow a fully-fledged VR porn app.