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Cryptocurrency & Porn

Porn. Not everyone likes the word but it’s an awfully popular thing regarding the internet right now, still nobody wants to really talk about. What about cryptocurrency? Heard of that word? If not it might be time to do some research. And if you like porn, you’re going to love what comes next in this article.


Discreet Porn Viewing via Cryptocurrency


If you have ever paid for x-rated material you’ve likely seen it come up on your bank or credit card statement. Many people sure enjoy watching porn but don’t always enjoy it being so obvious on paper. Now you can say goodbye to the shame and hello to discreet porn content purchases.


Verge (XVG) is a cryptocurrency that currently holds a value of 680 million USD. This cryptocurrency recently partnered with Pornhub and is now among the payment options for paid subscriptions on the Pornhub site. It’s easy, quick, anonymous, private and most importantly, shameless. Gone are the days of worrying about hiding your credit card statement from prying eyes so they don’t see your x-rated content subscriptions.


More About This Pairing


If you’ve never visited Pornhub – where have you been?! This site is the 17th largest in the United States and 33rd in the entire world. Even eBay, Linkedin and Bing wish they could bring in as much traffic as Pornhub. It’s no doubt that Pornhub has the reliable traffic and loyal followers that would benefit any partner; including Verge.


Anonymity and privacy are Verge’s core values so it’s able to ensure a reliable payment gateway without the personal worry of your purchase being tracked. All original IP addresses are masked by the algorithms put in place by Verge. So you could enjoy all the porn content you want without every worrying about someone seeing it on your personal financial records.


The Porn Industry & Innovative Technology


This wouldn’t be the first time that the porn industry has driven innovation, although you won’t read about it in the newspapers. The majority of searches for virtual reality is porn; this beats the top searches for all things VR related including games, apps, and videos.


A person might first enter the general virtual reality ecosystem before becoming an avid consumer of VR devices and content. People want to ‘test the water’ before jumping in, so to speak. is getting a lot of good feedback and they’re on top of what consumers want; and don’t want.


VR porn is finally finding a spot on the massive web because it’s the only real ‘open’ platform. The only platform you can find a variety of content without needing additional hardware or software. You can visit the top-end headset app stores, like for the SteamVR and Oculus, but you won’t find any adult content. You’ll find everything else but. In terms of virtual reality websites, has now taken the lead from




When we combine a powerful and emerging technology, such as virtual reality, and combine it with the newly emerged, but very well-known cryptocurrency, the result is a powerful and sophisticated gateway for consumers to get what they want.  So regardless of the headset you have, if you’re looking for a discreet way to buy and watch porn, head over to