Cryptocurrency & Porn

Porn. Not everyone likes the word but it’s an awfully popular thing regarding the internet right now, still nobody wants to really talk about. What about cryptocurrency? Heard of that word? If not it might be time to do some research. And if you like porn, you’re going to love what comes next in this article.


Discreet Porn Viewing via Cryptocurrency


If you have ever paid for x-rated material you’ve likely seen it come up on your bank or credit card statement. Many people sure enjoy watching porn but don’t always enjoy it being so obvious on paper. Now you can say goodbye to the shame and hello to discreet porn content purchases.


Verge (XVG) is a cryptocurrency that currently holds a value of 680 million USD. This cryptocurrency recently partnered with Pornhub and is now among the payment options for paid subscriptions on the Pornhub site. It’s easy, quick, anonymous, private and most importantly, shameless. Gone are the days of worrying about hiding your credit card statement from prying eyes so they don’t see your x-rated content subscriptions.


More About This Pairing


If you’ve never visited Pornhub – where have you been?! This site is the 17th largest in the United States and 33rd in the entire world. Even eBay, Linkedin and Bing wish they could bring in as much traffic as Pornhub. It’s no doubt that Pornhub has the reliable traffic and loyal followers that would benefit any partner; including Verge.


Anonymity and privacy are Verge’s core values so it’s able to ensure a reliable payment gateway without the personal worry of your purchase being tracked. All original IP addresses are masked by the algorithms put in place by Verge. So you could enjoy all the porn content you want without every worrying about someone seeing it on your personal financial records.


The Porn Industry & Innovative Technology


This wouldn’t be the first time that the porn industry has driven innovation, although you won’t read about it in the newspapers. The majority of searches for virtual reality is porn; this beats the top searches for all things VR related including games, apps, and videos.


A person might first enter the general virtual reality ecosystem before becoming an avid consumer of VR devices and content. People want to ‘test the water’ before jumping in, so to speak. is getting a lot of good feedback and they’re on top of what consumers want; and don’t want.


VR porn is finally finding a spot on the massive web because it’s the only real ‘open’ platform. The only platform you can find a variety of content without needing additional hardware or software. You can visit the top-end headset app stores, like for the SteamVR and Oculus, but you won’t find any adult content. You’ll find everything else but. In terms of virtual reality websites, has now taken the lead from




When we combine a powerful and emerging technology, such as virtual reality, and combine it with the newly emerged, but very well-known cryptocurrency, the result is a powerful and sophisticated gateway for consumers to get what they want.  So regardless of the headset you have, if you’re looking for a discreet way to buy and watch porn, head over to




A guide to watching VR Porn with ease

Gone would be the times where you had to be concerned about concealing your filthy magazines under your bed; now you’ve got to be concerned about someone finding the porn youve been seeing on your laptop. But who needs to watch porn on their laptop when they could love a VR experience in exactly the same time?

Todays VR technology has released a variety of VR headsets that a lot of people are very pleased to buy. Those who love some adult entertainment may additionally get a kick out of using their VR headset to observe their favorite actors perform right in the front of them.

While VR porn is still lacking in relation to whats available, there are a few options for people wishing to indulge in a virtual fantasy. You dont need to settle for low quality videos either, you only must know where to locate the great stuff.

VR porn is just the capacity to observe your preferred mature actors perform while you wear a VR headset. Its a solution to offer a more immersive experience, putting you, the user, right in the activity. Nearly all the VR porn accessible today is shot from a POV view so that you are acting as one of the characters or viewing the actor before you as in the event that you had been in the room together. You can even view the area or surroundings at 180-degree and 220-degree angles. You just cant touch the actor in the video.

Because youre wearing a headset while enjoying your favorite porn clips you can enjoy less distraction of the surroundings around you.

Are There VR Headsets That Instantly Function with VR Porn?

While the majority of VR headsets will work with VR porn, they werent particularly designed with this particular experience in your mind. You are able to nonetheless, get around this in other manners. Most headsets are easy to incorporate and already provide high picture and video quality, but the devices vary according to personal preference.

For example, VR headsets that need a smartphone for the display, like the Samsung Gear VR, are a few of the simplest choices when it comes to only attempting to watch some VR porn; of any quality. You will only have to download the right variant of the video you intend to see so that it works together with your VR headset the way in which it should. Or, you are able to just benefit from the fundamental VR porn by watching the videos directly in your browser on your mobile.

Looking for something slightly more desirable? When you have an advanced VR headset you can still enjoy some VR porn. Youll first need to locate the proper websites that truly offer videos for these high tech VR headsets which may be thin right now, but should become more accessible as VR technology progress.

Viewing Porn On the PlayStation VR

This task wont be as an easy task to do. Youll first have to download the videos you wish to observe. Find the VR manner under Alternatives and choose the file you would like to play. Simply be sure you place your headset on and relax to enjoy!

Is VR Porn Expensive? And Where Might I Find It?

If youre no stranger to the porn industry then you know theres lots of free content available on the net nowadays. A person can find just about any sort of smut theyre looking for and frequently, without having to pay for it. Youll find both free as well as paid versions of VR porn so its more of a issue of everything you favor when you decide which course to choose.

The VR porn which is included using a fee is often the very best of quality. It costs more to create this top quality video so you get everything you buy. Exactly the same is true for the free videos. Theres plenty of them, but they may well not function as the best when it comes to quality. You’ll find more than 1,000 VR porn videos on Pornhub, the worlds greatest porn website. Members also often get exclusive access to particular actors and content that may not be readily available for non-paid members.

Who is VR Porn For?

Uncomplicated as that. VR porn might help in different ways, other than providing something different for a user. It can benefit couples explore and experiment with their sexuality, partake in dreams they never dreamed would turn into a reality and a lot more.

VR porn offers an immersive experience at which you are able to be in the room together with the celebrity and get a genuine feel of what it might be like in actual life. Try it onceyoull probably desire to test it again.

Our Children Could Have Porn Stars as Sex Education Teachers

Something many people would never see coming….porn stars teaching our children about sex. However, this could actually be beneficial in some ways, depending on how you look at it. Many people already blame porn as the culprit for many boys developing distorted views of sex at a young age.

Now, our boys could learn how to treat their partner correctly, developing and improving their lovemaking skills. What’s the twist? They will be taught about sex using VR (virtual reality). BaDoink, a Barcelona-based company, has created the world’s first VR sex education and therapy experience called Virtual Sexology.

So what is the purpose or goal of creating such a program? The goal (or aim) of the experience is to promote healthy relationships, enhance the pleasure of the experience and to assist with treating sexual disorders. Right now the majority of users are adult males simply looking to enhance their own bedroom skills.

However, eventually it could find its way into schools, of course in a different form than what is used right now and for adult men. Xavi Clos, BaDoinkVR’s head of production believes everyone, in time, will likely experience porn, as well as sex education, in a different way because of this new platform.

While you might still be in shock, this could put your mind at ease. Clos spoke with Daily Star Online and mentioned that it’s understandable that as the platform is right at this moment, that schools would be unwillingly to consider it in any way; even if it’s proven to be highly effective.

VR and VR porn are still advancing and is increasing regarding becoming mainstream. This will allow for unforeseen but undoubted opportunities in the future.

Virtual Sexology is displayed in 360-degree videos and the starring role is played by August Ames, an award-winning porn star. She instructs viewers how to perform better while having sex. So what’s included? Everything you might possibly think of – ejaculation control, keeping your erection, and more. The most common sexual problems that men struggle with today are covered with a hands-on approach by August Ames.

The user will be in the body of someone else while looking through their VR goggles. The platform will also be compatible with male sex toys, also known as ‘haptics’ to further enhance the sensations of the experience.

The clips right now might seem more intimate than one might presume they would be. It’s a very realistic and immersive experience, according to Clos. This doesn’t mean you should run out and buy the program if you’re suffering from sexual disorders, looking to completely eliminate all of your bedroom woes. They have yet to have solid proof or information regarding how effective they’ll be for sexual disorders, but in time this could help more men facing these difficulties.

Where to Get Virtual Sexology

Right now the program, ‘sex edutainment’ is available for a variety of VR headsets and compatible with smartphones, certain PCs, and the PS4.

Of course, with anything new, you’re going to have critics. Right now the critics of this program claim that the audience focus is too narrow. The actress is simply helping men enhance their bedroom skills and that’s it.

However, BaDoink believes that right now this could be the starting point of helping men in all areas of the bedroom, including how to be better lovers in general. It’s only a matter of time.


VR Porn And Our Naughty Cyberpunk Future

With both Oculus Rift and HTC-Vive being released right now and how they could transform the way we consume marketing within the next decade, VR porn is unavoidable. As the first NSFW post on this site, here’s a crazier path in writing by discussing what some in my Facebook friends number might find abhorrent, which is exactly what I’m opting for.

If you believe that choking the chicken using a silicon simulate of the human orifice while baseball-gagged and under the effect of a powerful psychoactive compound isn’t any longer satisfactory, then perhaps you can try ramping-up physical pleasure by sleeping the human brain into thinking you’re truly in an actual-existence erotic scenario. If so, your voyage towards eventual self destruction could be made more fascinating with virtual reality pornography—VR porn for quick.

The Long Run of POV Porn

vr-porn-watchingSeeing VR Porn together with your small knight position at attentionI’m not a superfan of POV/gonzo porn perse on account of not being that worrying with my “wankspiration” content anyway, nevertheless it seems that it had been the shit for many of the 2000s. They were going for a pseudo-VR point in those days, and also as far back as core to late 90s. Naturally, here is the first location for true VR porn.

However again, you can also up the POV quotient nowadays on your own having a brain or torso-installed GoPro, in case you intend to produce some yourself and therefore are sick-of super loose camera work. You can observe the appropriately done stuff when you execute a web-search of “vr porn” and appearance at the image results, then just copy that towards the greatest of one’s capability. Maybe you could place a sack, use some velcro record, or perhaps duct tape the damn thing for your chest or forehead and picture away.

Now imagine to be able to get it perfect, then you can certainly utilize a VR headset to view it. Also something like a Samsung Gear VR or even some of those cheap-butt cardboard glasses may turn it right into a cyberpunk wank. Simply add some William Gibson inside your place like neon illumination and arbitrary electronics on the ground to perform the setup.

Next Level Longdistance Gender and Hookups
This definitely needs to be outlined; less VR porn as it’s VR hookup company. Smartphones revolutionized long distance sneaking by which makes it a lot more straightforward to deliver your dick photos to whoever you’re stalking. Additionally, it makes it simpler to prevent your sorry ass and screenshot your pathetic attempts at courting for everybody else in social-media to laugh at. Additionally, there are the now conventional practice of jerking off to cam shows, where cam whores strip and obtain dirty to the noise of tokens being offered to them.

Cybersex, sexting, gender-on-phone, and even booty calls will adjust with full-blown Internet-powered VR technology. Just imagine setting up with someone over Craigslist (or Grindr should you swing like that) and not seeking naked photos, but additionally truly obtain a sample of the products. Less area for creativity and much more food for that eyes once VR porn becomes like the Skype camshow of the future.

I don’t know how the hell that could just be applied, but someone’s sure to think about anything because of the potential. Both fans and desperados will pay great money for that level of VR porn engineering. Think of a cyberpunk version of the video edition of Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke.

VR Porn Activities and Vaginal Controllers

Have we had enough with sex activities that don’t truly add up to the real thing? Many of them simply had you transfer your mouse up and right down to imitate in-and-out actions, and it amounts to virtually nothing until you’re prepared to duct tape your (ideally) erect manhood towards the top of the mouse.


Welcome towards the potential, where Western males may have much more factors not to create infants, therefore falling Asia into a level further population quagmire. If you’re eager enough to need one at this time, you can jury rig a Tenga with a few kind of construction having a engine to provide oneself that hands free knowledge. (Make Use of A small engine, just because a large you can tear your appendage from its origin.)

I’ve large uncertainties as it pertains to VR porn games, particularly since 3D sex games have been in this “3creepy5u” market that several who’re really rational might actually wish to contact. This really is one of the numerous fuck models which have been created through the years, but it’s one which might actually work with penile arousal. Many others are for penetrating orifices and stirring the clitoris, and whichever might have been created to car-idiot previously were probably scrapped due to… broken pens.

Modded Activities and Supply Filmmaker Porn
Full on VR porn starts up an entire new planet for modders and SFM porn. For individuals who are ignorant, there’s a subculture on the web (not referring to furries) of designers who create person mods for numerous activities, in addition to people who tear and alter personality versions from games and produce porn together on the plan like Supply Filmmaker.

Consider virtual reality engineering within the fingers of these men. I take a look at each one of these SFM porn Tumblr sites and wonder in the degree of imagination they’re in a position to put in 2-minute looping GIFs of video game figure versions copying erotic conduct in a variety of designs. (It gets even crazier whenever you consider dickgirl porn, but that’s another planet entirely.)

Listed here are examples of SFM porn, if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Sport mods move even more, but it’d be complete blast if potential VR games are created to be moddable from the start and attract large enough viewers for modders to create material for them. That degree of having the ability to modify one’s encounter is virtually an imagined-about nirvana in VR person gambling.

The Risks of VR Stealth Wanking
Consider having a VR headset in your mind while carrying it out and anybody may burst in. I’ve noticed a number of balances of children carrying it out with headphones on or anything, then observe dairy and snacks from the bedroom when they’re completed, and therefore their moms went within the space and noticed them performing their action however simply allow them continue and quit them their morning snack. Performing that with VR porn could make things appear more uncomfortable.

Obviously, the clear answer there’s to merely secure the doorway. Nevertheless, using the headset on and quantity resulted in for optimum physical knowledge, you almost certainly won’t notice hits and calls. If it’s a hectic home where you’re said to be on call constantly, then you definitely can’t get it done throughout the day. At least during the night, you certainly can do it appropriately so long as you’re not that tired however as well as your mattress isn’t also squeaky.

Whenever your space truly isn’t favorable for such actions, then your toilet may be the next-best thing. Pay matting or towels for convenience and away you proceed. If your home just has one bathroom, then you definitely can’t remain there for extended. Should you it during the night, you’ve to ensure that no body there’s a light person by having an overactive bladder. Additionally, it also depends upon how large and clear your toilet is. If it’s a crowded outhouse having a funk, that may absolutely influence your expertise (if you don’t possess a fetish for all those problems).

For that super-eager, a wardrobe or various other distant area of the home will need to do. The area can be a touch too little for you really to extend, therefore vaginal adjustment might be inhibited (until you’re possibly feminine or stirring another thing). But when your dog smells you out, a farmer is achieving within the drop to get a weed whacker, or your sibling is searching for her stilettos within the wardrobe, you’re banged.

VR Porn: Why the future is behind the Virtual Reality Headset

Porn. It is long been passe to blow off it for sweaty teens or hairy-palmed loners. Now the preserve of professional women and men equally; Kanye’s rapped about it and comics punchline gags with it. Smut’s gone mainstream, also it is going virtual.

Porn’s latest metamorphosis comes courtesy of the vr porn revolution, and our most outrageous dreams are planning to collide so irreversibly we’ll just have the ability to pull the two apart.

There is an element of resignation to viewing porn in your bashed up notebook. An instant launch then done. Not a thing that needs to be looked at for overly long or talked about.

But virtual reality turns the sordid right into a high-end experience. Rather than having a sexual dose directed throughout your display, instead – through a headset – you choose in high quality, floor-to-ceiling titilation. It chooses the already popular POV fashion porn – where the activity is filmed on the shoulder of a single protagonist, and puts you into their body.


Going inside VR porn

The headset is fully anonymous – there’s not any manner of an onlooker understanding whether you’re seeing international news, test cricket or mature content. Will we we all be seeing grot on busy tube passenger cars eighteen months from now?

It’s with trepidation afterward that people sit down in a south London pub of areas to see an assortment of videos. It’s, we are told, trouser-stirring – regardless of your sex or exposure to mature content.

It is bizarre and naughty. The chuntering of evening punters as they processor into packets of chips and pints whilst we see bedroom debauchery. It is just a miniature glimpse – but we are fascinated to see exactly what the fuss is all about.

The stuff from VRP – Virtual Real Porn – has such clear titles as Glamour Wife and After Party. Through the headset you merely visit a blue dot detector that you direct by means of a pad in your temple – only pick the video out of your virtual library, plus it starts.

Instantly you are in the area. Not only seeing an area on a display, however a entire room that envelopes your senses. It’s possible for you to view carpeting beneath your feet, an elaborate bed head. Look above and a crystal chandelier hangs above you. Wall-to-wall eyesight with incredible detail.

A girl walks in. Gravity-defying curves, high heels, rebounding as she goes. Every hair is described, her skin tone is real, totally touchable. Her form fills your entire field of vision as you lie on the bed. She went towards us and we pressed back into the supple leather of the Victorian pub’s seat.

It is unnecessary to describe in detail what the results are in the video, but the High Definition flesh-meshing roleplay is too much to take it in. You are no longer a voyeur, you are a protagonist, as well as the organ that is featured in the film becomes your own – projecting out from your personal body as you look down onto yourself. The sound is tone perfect, her breathy whispers have been in your ear, tickling your neck, it is possible to hear the smack of lip gloss as she kisses her lips.

We are agog. Here is the future. It is thus defined, so actual. It is compelling, nearly so graphic you are too stunned to be aroused, too punch drunk to be excited. After pulling the visor off, we are instantly back in the hubbub of the pub, which can be particularly disconcerting. Our beat is going in the manner of a kick drum.


The future of smut

With porn now free to air, the adult movie business is facing the same hopeless predicament music and movie has faced. But could VR mean users are pleased to buy a high-end product again?

Leonor LaPlaza, connections supervisor of Virtual Real Porn says that while there could possibly be a brief spike in individuals purchasing VR amusement, an virtual reality arms race will begin to drive the price of porn back towards zero.

“It’s very difficult to say, there are already many websites offering free porn and there will be free virtual reality porn sites in the future, therefore, I don’t think so,” she clarified.

Virtual Real Porn began on January of 2014 for the smattering of Oculus Rift DK1 owners, but now supports all of the mainstream VR headsets and systems. Oculus DK2 and Samsung Gear VR are both specially catered for, along with Google Cardboard fashion systems that only make use of a smartphone as well as some of lenses.

Nevertheless, it still feels much from a consumer prepared encounter. Way in the click and release of conventional porn, we wanted a collection of instructions to get the grot loaded onto our VR headset.

To load the pictures you need to download them from Virtual Real Porn, then choose the files and extract the files before loading them in the proper folder in your smartphone. The measure-by-measures on the website are clear enough, but the procedure is laborious and fiddly.

Porn the king maker

Sex is definitely a driver of technology and consumer adoption. Urban legend has it that porn determined the results of the Betamax v VHS war in the 1980s.

It is overly simplistic to state that mature companies embracing VHS over Betamax determined which product won out, despite popular rumour, but whether you look to the early printing press or the quick adoption of Snapchat, sex sells technology.

But could it be the same for VR?

Laplaza as well as the remainder of Virtual Real Porn are banking on it, along with the word getting out that the VR experience may be worth investing in.

“Huge numbers will buy a VR device for watching porn – as many bought a VHS player for the same reason,” she clarifies.

“Why would not they? Viewing an adult film in VR makes one to feel as if you’re inside the picture. It’s possible for you to transfer your head to look anything you would like, and with our stereoscopic 3D technology, it is possible to feel in what way the celebrities come close to your own face, whispering in your ears like they were actually there.”

By making its videos readily available for a lot of apparatus, VRP’s uptake is going to be enormous, but the prices continue to be astronomical for now.

“We point our shooting sessions and its quite catchy since there are a lot of things to have in mind on each take, plus you’re employing high-priced, even handcrafted technology. That is followed by long and boring post production workflows,” Laplaza said.



It seems real, but how can it feel real?

Make no mistake, VRP is spellbinding, but this is just dipping the toe to the waters says Robert Weiss, senior vice president of Clinical Development at Components Behavioural Health and writer of Always Turned On: Sex Addiction in the Electronic Era. In the long run, your own present web searches could come into play.

You can have spent the day seeing a Jennifer Lawrence romcom as well as your porn searches offer a Jlaw-a-like when you go to sleep. Back from a Spanish beach resort? Here are lots of Latin hunks in trunks with hot senoritas.

Oh, and in case you believe all this sex viewing is a solo pursuit, Weiss says there will probably be never-ending multiplayer variants. “It’ll end up being the standard to excite someone else through use of a teledildonic apparatus, just by you thinking about that which you need to do to them, etc. The sexnological chances are endless, really, though we are still in the early phases.”

Whilst you add ‘teledildonic‘ for your vocabulary consider this technology is already here. Miami-based company FriXion have found a compatible apparatus which controls any amount of sex toys through one control. Its originator, Seth told the Daily Mail. “While you are throwing, I am being penetrated. You are pushing back. I am feeling the resistance. Seriously, no joke, this alters the world. It feels such as the action of sex.”

Feels like, looks like – When it gets so close is there even a difference with reality? This opens the theory that you could really have sex not only with your partner while your away, but even your favourite porn star. Or multiple stars, rather just like a mass game of Call Of Duty, all using their branded Fleshlights, or modelled dildos.



The sheen between reality and imitation will become ever wafer thin as the tide of wearable technology drives the virtual sex boom onwards. Much like cellphones have made face to face communication closer, our sexual desires is going to be played out in a virtual bedroom.

With virtual reality sex on tap, will we ever have the ability to turn it away? We are already terrified to discover.

VR porn gives a hand. Masturbation Won’t ever be the same

The porn business would like one to be a part of the activity.

It was becoming a bit uncomfortable.

Two nipple-pierced brunettes, totally nude, were all over me. They guaranteed me a blow job I wouldn’t forget.


But I could not forget I was in a packed suite on the 34th floor of the Cosmopolitan, a fancy resort on the Las Vegas strip. Or that I had been wearing a boxy virtual reality headset while sitting next to my coworkers. The girls were only performers in a Naughty America video that was recorded using the newest technology.

“VR is the next logical step” for the porn business, Ian Paul, Naughty Americas chief information officer, told me before that day in the CES 2016 convention in Vegas. “Haven’t we all wanted to be immersed in what we’re watching?”

It is an axiom of the technology world: Wherever adult entertainment goes, consumers follow. Mature videos helped cable television make inroads, giving (mainly male) audiences a reason to buy TV. The widespread access to porn at video shops helped fuel the popularity of VHS players. In the end, it is more comfy to see your dreams at home than in a dingy movie theater. Simply ask Paul Reubens.

As media transferred to the Web, the porn business saw a fresh chance to peddle its steamy products. A Dutch firm, Red Light District, developed streaming-video technology as well as a payment system, helping pave the way for mainstream entertainment businesses. Even the increase of cellular has enticed porn to take a position. When Apple launched the iPod Video player in 2005, porn was there.

Now it is virtual reality’s move. VR has evolved from a tiny group of startups four years back to among the latest trends in technology now. Slot your telephone to the goggles, strap ’em on, and you are an astronaut exploring Mars, a knight jousting in medieval England or an Aussie rules football player striking the field.

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, is already selling its Gear VR headset. Taiwan’s HTC, Japan’s Sony, and Oculus, possessed by California-based Facebook, are anticipated to sell headsets in 2013. Video games from Ubisoft, Sony and Valve are slated to follow.

No surprise, porn’s conquered them to the punch. Adult entertainment business SugarDVD started making VR porn in 2014. Another, BaDoink, began offering a variety of VR skin flicks last year. Though the VR porn business continues to be in its early days, it is possible to still locate hundreds of VR porn videos online, with names that leave little to the imagination, including “Tour of Booty,” “The Bad Student” and “Your Dirty Maid.” And let us not forget “Hookers” and “Hookers 2,” its imaginatively called sequel.

Beginning to feel real

CNET Reviewer Scott Stein says Paul is not exaggerating. He saw “Very Merry XXXmas” — Naughty America’s discreetly called vacation show — on a Samsung Gear VR headset, and came away impressed.

“It’s right in front of your face … in one of the more eerily successful examples of VR-ready video I’ve ever seen,” Stein told me. “It starts to feel real at times.”

Making VR porn is different than making traditional 2D films, and filmmakers are still learning the best way to shoot together with the technology’s cameras. VR cameras record just as much as 360 degrees — all round the room — and they get more information than standard video apparatus.

The digital files are enormous, so Naughty America has restricted its videos to only 180 degrees: left, right, up and down. The productions do not trouble with the view behind the camera, Paul says.

The videos do not have complete action either. You can not turn your head, for example, to alter the viewing angle. In the event you would like to get a much better look in the girl wearing a Santa hat and little else — she is the star of “Very Merry XXXmas” — you are out of luck.

Stein said it feels like a “peep show.”

Paul says he is still working out the kinks. For the time being, Naughty America has already stumbled on new strategies for his “seasoned performers” in moviemaking.

“We instruct them to come close to the camera,” he says. “We tell them to treat the camera like it’s a person.”

Paul says he is still working out the kinks. For the time being, Naughty America has already stumbled on new strategies for his “seasoned performers” in moviemaking.

“We instruct them to come close to the camera,” he says. “We tell them to treat the camera like it’s a person.”